Seminar: Enabling the smart city of the future

London, 14th January 2019, WTA is hosting a breakfast briefing at the Soho Hotel, London on Thursday 7th February.

Technology and innovation continue to be at the heart as an enabler for our future smart city environment and the impact over the last 10 years has already been seismic.

This is a complicated and highly fragmented market, which is seeking to bring together new disruptive solutions delivering autonomous & connected vehicles through to big data intelligence for the benefit of integrated citizen mobility.

However, this is also against a political and practical backdrop of seeking to reduce, pollution, solving the ever-increasing chronic congestion on our roads, the increasing strain on our whole transport infrastructure and continuing to encourage modal shift from the car to public transport.

With the advancement of technology, the expectation of the general public has also shifted significantly. The demand for timely and accurate information to inform journey plans and the capability for seamless mobility across all modes of transport is growing at a rapid pace.

Industry and political leaders and WTA Partners will provide insight into how the market is moving to address the challenges that lay ahead.

This is a free to attend conference for senior executives, business owners and stakeholders helping to shape the next generation of smart city solutions.

If you would like to attend click here to register online.


  • Lilian Greenwood, MP Chair Transport Select Committee, former Shadow Secretary of State for Transport
  • Rob Wallis, CEO, TRL
  • Ed Parsons, Geospatial Technologist, Google
  • James Harris, CEO, Elgin
  • Alan Butterworth, Partner, WTA Partners