WTA Hosts Dinner and Discussion for Cloud Services Leaders

London, 24th November: Last week we hosted a dinner for senior representatives from MSPs, Datacentres and Communications companies in a private room at a member’s club in Mayfair. The theme of the evening was “Challenges & Opportunities in Cloud Services” and a round table discussion commenced once coffee was served. This was introduced by Michel Robert, CEO of Epsilon Global Communication.

In addition to Michel and three members of the WTA team Jeffrey Jenner, Nick Sonigra and Alan Butterworth, the ten other guests were:

Michael Bateman – CEO, Zenzero
Paul Cosgrave – CEO, Nasstar
John Harris – Chairman, ITPS
Mike Ing – MD, Kerv
Howard Malloy – MD Europe, Ensono
Andy Michael – Executive Chairman, Quiss
Graeme Millar – CEO, Velos
Dominic Philips – CEO, Datum
Dave Rabson – CEO, Acora
Dob Todorov – ex-CEO, Helecloud

The quality of the discussion was high and the entire evening was a great success also providing a unique networking opportunity for the guests. The conversation was engaging with some remaining to continue the discussion and enjoy the hospitality long into the evening.

One attendee’s feedback:

“Thanks again for including me. I really enjoyed the evening, with the ability to share/learn with the group you brought in being the highlight. Really great conversation. Overall rating is brilliant.”

Jeffrey Jenner, Partner at WTA Partners added:

“It was a great pleasure to bring together so many distinguished guests. I feel the evening gave everyone present the opportunity to frankly discuss the current challenges and opportunities arising from the multiple issues facing the technology sector, economic conditions and the wider global uncertainties.”

“With a strong track record on both the buy and sell side with Cloud Services companies the sector is quickly becoming one of WTA’s core specialisms. This event is just one demonstration of our commitment to the sector. I thank everyone who attended for giving their time and providing valuable insight with us.”