Early stage planning is vital in any exit scenario to ensure the maximum price is realised through the most appropriate route.

In our experience, there’s a positive correlation between the quality of vendors’ preparation and the quality of the exit (as measured by valuation and terms achieved by vendors). Stakeholders seeking an excellent exit benefit greatly by planning for the event and through implementing clear processes, having robust auditability and an attention grabbing “Story” which establishes each business’s unique strategic value-driving attributes.

The exit planning support we provide often commences with an engagement to get stakeholders aligned on shared goals and objectives. This is closely followed by a detailed analysis of the business to identify the critical value drivers which are central to the Story behind every successful technology sector exit. Having assisted stakeholders to construct and communicate effectively the Story, we have deep technology sector experience to assist management make any supporting operational improvements.

Depending upon timescales and stakeholder goals, exit preparations may also include fill-in acquisitions. We can assist by scoping a target search which will add maximum value on exit, identifying such businesses and advising all the way from origination through due diligence to a completed transaction. We also have a proven technology sector acquisition integration methodology to guide management through the process of building a joined-up entity ready for exit.

Other than maximising value, the key benefit of this exit planning is greater control for the Vendor particularly during the hectic final stages of the sale process. Management can concentrate on day-to-day operations, making sure forecasts are achieved and value doesn’t leak through price-chipping. Getting organised for due diligence becomes easier as focus stays on providing the key proof points which substantiate the critical value enhancing attributes described in the Story. The negotiating position of the Vendor is strengthened and the ability to keep to a timetable is improved which gives greater certainty of an excellent outcome.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” Benjamin Franklin