About Us

We are specialists in technology merger and acquisition (M&A) and business advisory services working from offices in London and Montreal, Canada. We represent both sellers and buyers in M&A projects in the UK, Europe, Israel and North America.

We have more than twenty-five years’ experience assisting clients shareholders increase and monetise value and acquirers increase their competitiveness and enterprise value providing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) expertise.

On the sell-side we work with mainly owner management teams and on the buy-side include UK and international corporates both listed and privately held. Increasingly we are working with private equity backed companies.

Our mandates are fully performed by highly experienced individuals who have had a successful operational career in the TMT sectors along with years of experience negotiating M&A transactions. This means we understand technology-based businesses and know how best to present them to obtain maximum value for the shareholders. For owner managers it means too that they can spend more time running their business for we considerably minimise their involvement in the preparation processes. Buyers benefit as it reduces the time to success and we require less of their involvement to verify the match.